Sunday, December 20, 2009

Matt's Birthday

We celebrated Matt's birthday today. Food was great and good to be with everybody! We played games like we would play at a kid's party. Everyone made a paper airplane and flew it down the hall, dropping clothespins in bottles (or vases), putting a small puzzle together trying to be first done, bingo, and the most entertaining....tied a balloon to left leg and then the battle to pop the other balloons while protecting your own---all the long legs highstepping around the room were hilarious! Matt got a start on his motorcycle fund. He wants to get one next spring so he has cheaper transportation. Gram said she wasn't going to give him any money cuz she doesn't want him to have a cycle. She remembers the days when John had one and she'd lay awake at night waiting to hear him come home and she said sometimes he didn't come home (as she glared at me) ;)
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Jody Blue said...

I don't blame her for not contributing to the fund! Now the glare I would have loved to been in that moment! Sound like a really fun party.

Senior Turkey said...

You have an awesome family. You must be proud. We had such a fun time. Thanks for all you do! Kristi

Tami said...

What a great time. I love the spirit of your family. I hope I am able to inspire that kind of love and fun in my children.
As for the glare. . .too funny. I guess the many years of marriage and 3 grown children don't keep you out of the dog house.