Sunday, January 3, 2010


Looking for Santa.
Reading the Christmas story before gift opening.
For the last 3 years we have done used gifts which is way more fun than new. The theme this year was memory so the gift was sposed to signify a memory of the person. And then there's just getting rid of stuff you no longer want too. It was great fun and the laughter was good medicine. I enjoyed being on memory lane for over a month getting ready. Grandma didn't quite get the used thing and kept shaking her head and saying, "Why would anyone want that?" We gave her new stuff. I'm so very thankful for my family!
Once Tessa sported some of her gifts, she looked like she should perhaps be living at the nusing home where she used to work.

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Tami said...

I love that idea of used and the memory lane. I bet that would be a good laugh builder. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jody Blue said...

And you think we are a fun way out funned us! I am insistent that we give the used gift thing a try, for now its a bit hard to convince teenage boys that it would be fun...wait til they are on their own and broke then I bet they will be liking the idea! Your girl is so cute in her old lady adornments!