Friday, January 8, 2010

Begin Again

I'm starting 2 more quilts. I saw this pattern on a blog and I think it was called a Scruffily quilt. The 2 blocks of fabric on top are just sewn on and then when it is washed, the edges get scruffily. I picked up 5 yds. of Warm and Natural this morning at Hobby Lobby
using a 40% off coupon--$55 for $33! So I can start putting it together and quilting it. Hopefully the finished product will be here soon!

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Jane said...

Love your color combo ~ thinking SPRING!

Fun pattern too, can't wait to see it quilted!

Tami said...

Love it! I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing, I'm living vicaiously. Hopefully one day I will back to a point of quilting in my life.

Jody Blue said...

What a deal on the fabric, it is cute,I'm sure I had jumpers made out of stuff that looked like that when I was a kid...every thing old is new again! It sounds very cozy and comfortable.

Cassandra said...

I love the colors of this looks like one that I could actually make! You inspire me so much!