Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 down.2 to go

I finished binding 2 quilts that will go overseas. This last year I've been going to White Cross at church once a month. Some very dedicated ladies have been sewing quilts, cutting bandages, and making numerous things to send to the missionfield for many years. I love hanging out with them! They are so wise, love the Lord, and they have great senses of humor. And since I love to sew, it's perfect!
And now I have Tessa's birthday(June20) quilt to finish quilting. Maybe I can do that for her 27 and a half birthday. I also have another one to put together and need to make one for a birthday coming up. If only I could sew 12 hours a day. The house sort of falls apart when I do that. When I was in high school I often sat up all night sewing so I could finish something I wanted to wear the next day. I remember one particular red dress I stayed up to sew. It was made of wool. Don't know what I was thinking! All day long I was sweating in that thing and couldn't wait to get home and rip the itchy, hot thing off. My last wool dress.

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Jody Blue said...

Oh I used to sew late when I was young. My late night sew was a gold corduroy pleated(they were all the rage)pants with suspenders and matching hat, I finished so I could wear it on my birthday. The quilts look so cozy, it sounds like you are being blessed as you are blessing.