Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Around here

Tyler is moving into Grandma Jane's house so he's been fixing things up and throwing things away. John hates to see things thrown away and usually can't resist looking over what someone threw out and invariably rescuing things. He went off to the dump(shhhh! we're not sposed to have one) and came back with a birdhouse his dad had built. I'm glad he rescued this. He didn't tell me what else he rescued since I am in de-junking mode.
I think the dogs miss the carpet. I laid down on the couch and instantly all 4 dogs tried to fit on the rug in the sun. They love to be near me. The one in the middle is Tessa's dog Oliver who comes to visit when they milk twice a day so he can get exercise.
Giggle Giggle! It's hunting season and John got irritated with a few shirttail relatives of other hunters who slipped in. Those hunters throw sticks for Grafton. He has an obsession with sticks and tree limbs and always greets everyone carrying one in hopes they will throw them. His mind will not shut off and he's crazed so we do not throw things for him anymore. If a stick gets caught up in a tree, he will sit for hours looking up and panting. Other than that, he's a perfect dog ;)
And as I'm taking a picture, there he was hoping against hope that I would throw that stick. Poor guy!

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Tami said...

What a nice memory to have a bird house from his dad.

The sign is too funny, and better yet is thinking of the dog waiting by the tree for hours. Sounds like me by a plate of warm cookies. ;)

Ahh, a nice nap in the warm sunshine. I'll have to wait until next summer for that one. (Typed under a grey Pacific Northwest sky.)

Jody Blue said...

Looks like doggy kindergarten res time. It is sweet that he found the birdhouse, it will be a nice reminder of the things his Dad enjoyed.