Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 of 7 or 8

John's mom passed away last year and when cleaning out the closets and touching all her clothes, I thot I'd like to use them to make quilts for each of the 6 grandchildren and John's sister. Hopefully I'll have it in me to make one for us too. Jane was always stylishly dressed and bought new clothes to keep up with the fashions. The perfect way to use the clothing for so many quilts is the ticker tape quilt which uses small, different sized pieces sewn on 12 inch squares of white fabric.

I included some collar points (see the one above) and tags and button placards.

This is John's sister's quilt. She's coming for Tyler and Jami's wedding next month, so I'm saving postage. Now I'm working on her son's quilt so she can take that one too. They'll all have different backs.
It's been warming my heart to see and touch Jane's fabrics. I can see her wearing each thing and how she looked. I miss her!!

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Jody Blue said...

What a fun way to memorialize her. You are doing a nice job with the ticker tapes.

krislynn said...

What a great memory for everyone! Kristi