Friday, September 2, 2011


The first 3 days of August were spent in Duluth with my sisters. We stayed on Canal Park and this was the view in the back patio area of the hotel. We had 3 days of perfect weather.

We watched a huge Canadian freighter go thru the lift bridge. Also an excellent people watching area!

Toured the Glensheen mansion. John and I had gone there when Tessa was a few months old. She did not appreciate touring an old house so our attention was diverted and I didn't remember a lot of things--or perhaps that is an old lady thing????

Split Rock Lighthouse...that's all I can say.

Took a picnic lunch to a rock beach and spent nice hours sitting by the water. We were having a skipping stones contest--Becky won. The next day I couldn't figure out why I had a strange pain in my wrist....duh

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Jody Blue said...

Looks like a perfect girl get away. And you 3 skipping rocks, what fun!