Friday, September 12, 2008

29 Blissful Years

This is my daddy who is now 91.
On the 8th John and I marked 29 years married. And then there were the approx. 9 years dating! My dad married us in Birnamwood, WI at the church he was pastoring. It was a huge affair with 2 sets of parents, 2 sisters, and one brother-in-law, and us! I made my dress from a nightgown pattern(no, it did not look like a nightgown)--a halter dress. I was finishing sewing it right before the event. I have always worked best under pressure. When Tessa got married I made her dress and was sewing on it right before we left home.

John thot we should go visit the guy who married us so last Sunday we went to Amery. Visited mom and dad, changed their living room furniture around, stayed at my sister's, and made Chinese dinner and banana cream pie to celebrate my dad's birthday which was on the 11th.

It's been a great 29 plus years and reminds me just how fast time goes.

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And your Dad looks great!