Friday, September 5, 2008


Today I went to Galesville to visit my friend, Jody. She is going to have back surgery next week so I made her a "comfort quilt" to recover under. Her daughter, Randi, just lost twin baby boys.
Heartache. But there is the hope we have if we know Christ. Randi's precious boys are with the Lord and Randi will be reunited some day. And they will be perfect and whole! God is good!

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Jody Blue said...

I am slowly starting to move(like a turtle but moving none the less) and I actually have a desire to live again! I have spent alot of time under "the healing quilt" as we know it. When our Randi came home we shared it. She used it until I had surgery and then I took it over. I would hand it off to her when I had to get up and she would say "oh thank you". Sometimes we both sat under it. Randi is doing good. Keep her heart in your prayers. I will let you know when I'm feeling a little more human and a little less like a turtle. Hey I blogged!--Jody