Thursday, January 29, 2009

God Cares

Yesterday morning when I heard Tanner's vehicle start up to go to work, I did what I usually do--prayed that he would have a safe trip to work, be protected as he and Tyler worked, and for a safe trip home. Then I asked God if it was silly of me to keep praying the same thing over and over, and then went back to sleep. Late in the afternoon Tanner called and said he and Tyler were sideswiped by a semi. The pickup was considered totaled but they weren't hurt. The first thing I thot about was asking God if it was silly to pray for the same thing. I'm so thankful they are okay and I will no longer think I'm being silly to talk to my Father about matters close to my heart because I know He cares about them too.

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Jody Blue said...

My mothers heart knows that "pray 'em on their way" feeling. You are so right God does care. I will thank the Lord for the protection of your boys. Thank you for sharing.