Friday, January 9, 2009


Tessa's horse, Henry, still lives here and gets pedicures on a regular basis. He has a mind of his own and won't let the ferrier pick up his feet, so the vet has to come each time and give him a happy shot and then he doesn't care what's done to him. Note to parents: If your kids want a horse, remember that they live a long time. The kids leave home and the horse keeps living. Henry's a good boy and will enjoy it this summer when the 12 calves go into the pasture with him.
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Jody Blue said...

I didn't realize Henery was still living at your house. I also say you should pick the names of critters that will be there after everyone leaves--especially if some of those "everyones" are sports fanatics (I have no desire to have a dog named after a quaterback)!

Tessa Nelson said...

Of corse he's still there, Jody... where would I put him!? lol... I would love to be living somewhere where I could have him. I was standing there wondering how old he was... he was seven when we got him... when did we get him? I was maybe 16ish..? I think he's like 17 years old..? I don't even know the age of my own horse, haven't even ridden him in... oh, lets see, years! I keep his hoofs in good health, though, w/ my daddy's help!!! We are look so bundled up and cold. Ick. I think Henry was even cold, he told me so..

Tami said...

I didn't realize you could give horses a happy shot. That is too funny. Maybe I could get one of those for my 2 year old next time I need to cut his hair! :)