Monday, November 30, 2009

God's Provision

Yesterday after the church service we all walked across the road to see what will be our new church building. It was a fitness center and after going out of business, it was offered to us at a Big price, but it was decided that we would build on to our exsisting building instead. I think it was offered to us 3 separate times--each time the price dropped. Someone said to come back when it was free. God had a plan and as so often happens, it wasn't what we expected. When the plans were all drawn up for the new addition, the man who bought the fitness center in a pkg. deal with other properties, asked if we'd like to have the property for free! So it was a clear leading from God. The place is HUGE so we will have a much bigger space for maybe less money than the original plan. We got to write on the walls afterwards. Remodeling starts soon. It's an exciting God adventure!

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Jody Blue said...

What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday! It will be an amazing process to watch.

Tami said...

How exciting! God is truly amazing.