Thursday, November 26, 2009


John called me out to see what he uncovered on a piece of wood he was going to split.
Thanksgiving dinner was held at Grandma's. Everyone had assigned food to bring and did we have FOOD! Tessa and Jami planned it and did a great job. It was nice not to be in charge and just show up with what I was told. John's sister and her husband are here too so it was a good family time.
And Pucca was all spiffed up and wearing fashionable fall colors. She wouldn't hold still for a proper photo and this was the end of the day when her up-do was starting to fall.
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Tessa Nelson said...

I love that dad is always seeing those things and showing them to you. He always seeing them in a light I wouldn't normally see it in! It's always something simple, but you can see God's hand in it! Also, LOVE Tyler's face in that group picture!

Jody Blue said...

What a great photo for a greeting card. Looks like a fun family time you all had, way to go Tessa & Jami!