Friday, October 29, 2010

Door County

On Monday we drove up to Door County for the day. I love it there in the fall when most tourists have left. The shops were still open but most were closing up this week for the season. Saw this beautiful Catholic church all made of stone with St. Francis standing out front--reminded me of Tami and her St. Francis in the backyard.
Drove thru Peninsula State Park since we bought a year sticker when camping this summer--maybe got our money's worth now. This was an island that a wealthy man bought for almost nothing in the 20's. He had a huge yacht and it was a social place to be. Then the depression hit and he sold it for $5000
This sign says a lot about John. He's a curious sort. If a sign says "Do Not Enter" or "This Road Closed" or "Stay Behind the Rail"---we have to see WHY the sign says that and what wonders are being kept from us :)

We were going to take the ferry to Washington Island--a beautiful island to drive around on--but the ferries don't run very late in the day this time of year so we didn't get to go. We stayed in Oshkosh for the night. On the way up and back we came upon 2 accidents that had happened minutes before. The one was very bad and heard later that a young girl was killed. Made us pay extra attention to our driving.

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Tami said...

I need to visit Door county. That church is so beautiful. I love all the beautiful old churches. To think people loved God so much that they wanted to build him the nicest house in the neighborhood.

Tessa Nelson said...

at least I know where I get that outside the line thing, it's from my daddy!

Rae Kaiser said...

My John is also the curious sort. He likes small doors and is always disappointed when they are locked.

Jody Blue said...

That is a really neat church. Whew, I'm glad you got your moneys worth. Sometimes the path less trodden holds the best scenery. Oh do Tami and I have "don't want to be in a car accident" concerns...something to be alert about and pray even more about.