Monday, March 21, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

While in South Padres, I looked online to find a hotel on the way to San Antonio. On North Padres Island near Corpus Cristi I found a Holiday Inn that looked great on the website. Oh MY!!! As soon as I got near the door, I figured there was false advertising going on. The first thing we see inside is the 2 elevators and one is blocked off with yellow caution tape. The place is old and worn and the elevator were scary--working one minute, not working the next and smelly. Becky jokingly said we'd maybe get stuck in one. Well, she did. It stopped and the door opened just enough for her to yell out to a maid who heard her and suddenly it worked again. We used the staff elevators after that. The room had nice looking pillows and damp, gross feeling carpet. After a walk on the beach, I came into the bathroom to find John with his foot in the toilet washing the sand off and he informs me the water is really warm--in the toilet??? It was a hot water toilet!! At one point I couldn't get any hot water in the sink or shower so I called the desk to inform them and tell them the toilet water was hot tho. The next morning Tim saw the maintenance guy in the hall and called him in to show him the hot water toilet and whisked his hand in there as proof. It still cracks me up--Tim is not one to put his hand in the crapper! The restraunt was extremely slow--one guy waited so long for his breakfast and coffee, he jsut up and walked out in disgust. After letting Priceline know, Becky got $40 towards another stay--we'll use that in Melbourne on the sister trip next month. The best and worst hotels are the memorable ones!

I just realized that this is where there were no shells, not South Padres. Figures ;)

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