Monday, March 21, 2011

Trip to Texas

A big snowstorm was predicted for the morning our flight was leaving so we stayed in Mpls. the night before to make sure we'd make it to the airport. This was our room at the LaQuinta Inn (I love hotel rooms!) We left the vehicle there and they shuttled us to the airport and picked us up--all for the price of about $100! When we got up there was no snow but on the way to the airport we were riding with pilots and flight attendants who were hearing Chicago was shut down. Our flight at 9 am was one of the last ones to leave Mpls. because the snow began--we heard it was awful.
We flew in to San Antonio and drove down to South Padres Island. It seemed like a lonnnng drive and was pretty desolate country--flat field and depressing little towns. We stayed at a new hotel--the Hilton Garden Inn and it was beautiful. The staff was great and food was too. These were our digs for 4 nights. I hated to leave!
We had an ocean and pool view. There were big man machines working 24 hours a day moving sand to make the beach wider. We couldn't hear them in the room which was good.
Day view.

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Rae Kaiser said...

I forgot that you love hotel rooms. I kind of don't. I remember you saying you like it that the sheets smell of bleach. Great photos, great trip... I am posting tomorrow about the trip I am trying to plan for sometime in Summer...

Jody Blue said...

What a good deal on the room and ride. Hobnobbing with the uppity ups;) I know of that drive, we did it in a mini van with 5 kids and a mother in law and air that only worked for the people in the front seat. You had a lovely view and it does look like a nice place to hang out.