Monday, June 6, 2011

Belly Cast

I wish I had known of such a thing when I was having babies. Tessa wanted to have a belly cast made before Mylah arrived. She bought pkgs. of gauze with plaster of paris in at Hobby Lobby. She greased herself with vaseline and Jami and Raychel plastered her.

A little help from the hair dryer. Raychel said it seemed lopsided and then we realized that it was because Mylah was living in that area that stuck out more.

This was a basement job.

Puka enjoyed having all the company, but probably thot we were all crazy.
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Tessa Nelson said...

This was so fun and I'm really glad we did it:)

Jody Blue said...

It does look like fun. Will she paint it(? pink would be a good color) or she could do a collage of Mylah pictures all over it.