Monday, June 6, 2011

Flea market or something like it

John heard about this event and wanted to check it out. We were somewhere near LeSueur. I was disappointed we did not see the Green Giant--wherever he was. This was a good place to people watch! The majority of the stuff was old farm things with odd other things mixed in. People come with their golf carts and riding lawn mowers to go up and down the rows so they don't have to walk.

John didn't buy anything--luckily we went with a car which could not hold any BIG purchases. The day started out sunny and nice and turned cloudy, windy, and cold so we didn't stay very long.

These two chaps were having fun riding in this contraption that they couldn't steer very well.

Yep.....lots of potties. John and I went in the spacious handicap one together.

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Jody Blue said...

You two crack me up! It looks like a fun place thing to be a part of.