Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll think of something

How time slips by! Tomorrow is May Day. When the kids were little they would make May baskets and go to the woods and pick wild flowers and then take them to some older neighbors. Maybe I should whip up some May baskets tonight and send John to the woods in the morning.

Last night Tanner called me at 11 for a ride home. His truck had a major breakdown where the front end just fell when he was turning around in a yard.

I'm so thankful he wasn't speeding down the highway when it happened! He and his buddy are going to fix it--he's getting a lot of good mechanic experience. Tanner has always been good at fixing engines and things that go.

I'm reading an excellent book--"Change Your Heart Change Your Life" by Gary Smalley. It's about the powerful beliefs that aren't truth that are already stored in our hearts. They control us in so many ways and actually drain love from our hearts. The way to change those wrong beliefs is to instill new and right ones.

I'm only 1/4 of the way through but I'm excited! Changing my attitudes and the way I think has been a theme this last year in my walk with God.

Last week when I took John's mom to visit her Dr., I took a picture of a piece of an old quilt that's hanging on the wall that has always fascinated me. There are lots of framed old quilts decorating the walls at Franciscan Skemp.

More tomorrow...

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