Saturday, April 26, 2008


This morning we went to Winona and found a few garage sales.
It was Not a nice day for it--cold and very windy.
I found these pretty metal juice glasses.
I remember using glasses like these (only bigger) in Taiwan. I can just taste the red
Kool Aide. 10 glasses for 25 cents!!
I also got a metal turkey baster, a Tarzan movie, and a new set of herbal heat packs-
an eye pack, head pack, back pack with velcro straps, and a neck and shoulder pack.
All for $2.75
John took me out for Chinese and my fortune said, "A gathering of friends brings
you lots of luck this evening." I wonder if they're gathering without us--no one's

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Tessa Nelson said...

I think those are aluminum and I think they're really expencive! They're pretty!