Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring in the Valley

Yesterday afternoon John, I, and 2 dogs went to the valley. Spring flowers are blooming and water was running. Since the flooding last year, our valley looks quite different. Hillsides slid down and new creek beds were formed. It would have been interesting to have watched it happen from above--such force! It was nice sitting by a creek and listening to the water running over the rocks--I love that sound!

Gafton kept laying in the water which was freezing. I found a rock shaped like a pumpkin--complete with the curved lines.

AND this morning we woke up to find everything covered with a thick layer of snow. Now this must be the last of winter.

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Tessa Nelson said...

haha, I'm going to correct YOUR spelling just once in my life - here it comes! Graffton.. that's how you spell it:-p Love you lots!