Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pretend Grandma

Today I got to be pretend Grandma for Grandparent's Day at Hope's

school. Hope is a lovely 8 year old daughter of my friend Melanie.

She attends Coulee Region Christian School in West Salem. The

morning started with coffee, rolls, and visiting with "real" grandmas

sitting by me. The kids from grades Pre-K to 8th grade put on a

great program. I got to visit Hope's classroom and she took me outside

for recess. Then we were fed a delicious lunch. I had forgotten

what the lunchroom experience was like! I left with a sense that

Hope is really fortunate to be in such a nurturing, loving, and Christ

centered environment.

1 comment:

Outside the Line said...

How sweet that you are Hope's pretend Grandma.

Good practice.

And I am sure you are better than plenty of real Grandmas.