Thursday, August 7, 2008


On Monday night the kids came and ate with us. Matt taught us how to play Catch 10 which was a fun card game. When the kids were little we'd go camping with Becky and her kids. 8 little kids running around having fun! It made Becky and I kinda miss those days. On Tuesday 3 moms with about 9 kids came and camped next to us. Then it felt more right with the sounds of little ones having camping fun. John brought some glow in the dark plastic that was left overs from something they made at work. He gave it to one of the moms for the kids to play with. A while later as we were sitting around the fire, 4 boys came to show us what they'd done with it. They were wearing shields, belts, headbands, wristbands and looked like little warriors. And they glowed in the dark!

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