Monday, August 11, 2008


We went to the farmers' market on Saturday for flowers and sweet corn. There was even live music while we strolled thru. Some poor guy singing and playing guitar while sweating in the hot sun. The lady that sells sweet corn and muskmelons has quite a following. Now you have to stand in a line to get her goods. Corn was great and this big bunch of flowers were only $5.
Saturday night we had guests for dinner(because I now have a table and chairs!). It was a nice evening with the Dahls!

This spider was out in the porch and I was looking forward to watching him every day but he vanished. He had pretty gold on him. Probably a her since I'm seeing a lot of webs and eggs out there. Does that mean it's almost fall?:(

There are sunflowers growing by the porch. Didn't plant them. I've got a feeder out there so this must be seeds that fell. The hummingbirds like to flit in and out of them to the feeder.

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I have a full time job keeping 2 hummingbird feeders filled. The last 2 weeks they are crazed and eating so much. And there are MANY of them. They fight, dive bomb, and sqwak at each other.
Does this mean fall is coming and they are preparing for their long trip?
I don't want summer to end!!
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