Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Herd

Our herd started with 2 calves and it was so fun to feed them and now suddenly we have 10 calves and, frankly, it is hard work and makes me perspire. Morning feeding isn't so bad cuz John and I do it together but evening feedings it's just me. The first night I had quite a time. They are strewn all about the yard and a shed. The first one I fed got loose and started chasing me down and sucking furiously on my arm and leg as I was trying to feed another. Flies are glomming onto me, and I'm hitting the creature to get him away. Got him retied and moved on. One claf started circling me and winding me up in his rope and almost took me down. Then there are the head butters who like to butt the pail as if it was their mother's udder, so a tight grip is required. Then there are the 3 dogs who think they have come upon some fine dining and eat the calf poop--oh well--it's just milk--yuk!
I was wet, irritated and exhausted by the end. They have distinct personalities. One is blind in one eye and acts a bit off kilter, one is very tight lipped and doesn't like to open his mouth, one is an escape artist and now has a big chain attached to his rope, one is mellow and patient and rarely makes a sound, and one is obnoxious and bellering all the time. I probably need a bunch of chickens now.....
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Becky said...

think the bug looks like some kind of bee