Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New babies

Yesterday we got 2 bull calves yesterday. This is one of them and a dog who is rather smitten with them. We haven't had any cattle for a few years so it's fun. The woods and valley have gotten so overgrown without cattle tromping around. Hopefully we can get a few more and have a little herd. I've been feeding them milk replacer and bits and letting them suck on my hands. They're drinking out of pails so want to suck on something since they're still really young. Matt named them Clyde and Floyd.

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Tessa Nelson said...

I might have made one or both of them! I should look it up and see.... however, I don't know for sure who their mothers are, so wouldn't know for sure. That'd be kind of fun, though, if I had had a "hand" in making them:-D I remember those days of having eight of them to feed and feeding them in the winter when dad was testing... it was so cold. But, I do remember we always had a great time doing it. Tyler and I would name them, and there'd always be a good reason behind the names we picked. And I think before we had horses we wanted them to be our horses. We would try and feed them apples and other things that cows just don't eat:-p What a great time in my life:-)