Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back to Reality

I felt back to real life today. We went to church which was uplifting and revitalizing again! Then we went and picked up John's mom from the assisted living place she was dwelling in for the last 2 weeks. She got to go home, which she was very happy about. Now we will wait and see how she does.
It is a beautiful day! I was so tempted to wear my flip flops to church today. It was horrid putting my feet back in shoes after 2 weeks of bare feet.
Yesterday was my last born child's birthday. He is 19. I spent the day remembering. We called him Shmu from early on because he was a big baby--born at 10 lbs. He was such a happy little guy and had the biggest smile. He was always crawling up in my lap and wrapping his chubby little arms around my neck. Then his siblings started teasing him about it so he stopped. From about the age of about 12 on, anytime I would ask him what he wanted for his birthday or Christmas, he would say, "A job". Tessa and Tyler were milking cows and he wanted to work too. Finally at 15 or 16 he got to milk cows at the same place. And the boy has been hard working ever since. He now does construction work with his brother, Tyler.
Life goes on..... Boy, the ocean was nice!!!!
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Jody Blue said...

I forgot you called him Shmu! It is painful when you have to head back to real life.

Outside the Line said...

Love that picture. Especially the swim cap.