Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More atrocious bathrooms

These amazing features were all in one bathroom at a gas station.
I am yearning for Kwik Trips! This was an interesting toilet paper
And some fancy mosiac work for when you can't
figure out how to cut a hole in tile for the drain.
Cracked seat and I didn't do it.
And just in case you wanted to hang out a while after your
business was concluded......this chair

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Jody Blue said...

You and Grace have bathroom thing! In'98 when we went to TX she was 8, she drove Randi & J. nuts withall of the bathroom discriptions. she love to see if there were baby changers. The funnest was when she came back to the van oh so proud and handed out the cutes little bags she had found in the ladies bathroom. "I got one for you and you and here Daddy is yours!"

Outside the Line said...

Totally loving your bathroom critiques but I am sure you would know I would. The chair takes the prize.

I am loving your trip, don't come back keep on going.