Thursday, March 5, 2009


We made it down to the beach for the sunset. As soon
as it went under, the crowd clapped.
This morning we drove over to Sanibel and Captiva
islands to shell hunt. Walked the beach for an hour.
There is something extremely calming about being
next to the water and looking for shells. The foot-
prints belong to my sister who has little feet. My
size 10's weren't nearly as lovely.
One thing that struck me was the fact that God knows
about every shell and what life was living in it and He
knows the number of grains of sand in the whole world!
How humbling to know He loves me and wants to have
a relationship with me!
A couple of times I turned around and was being watched by
one of these fellas.
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Jody Blue said...

The phoot photo is really phun! Creative eye--thats where Tessa gets it! You are right about the shells, a nice reminder! Yea I know, but does John know that you always seam to have tall distiguished fellows following you?