Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grandma Jane

John's mom has been such a great grandma to my kids! And she's been a great mother-in-law! The last few months have been kind of rough for her. She's had swelling in her legs and was falling down(or tipping over). She had a 2 week stay at an assisted living place in LaCrosse while we went to Florida. Tessa took great care of her while we were away. She and Matt spoiled her. Matt even tucked her in one night and read her a bedtime story ;) Since coming home, she seems to be doing much better at getting around and hasn't tipped over for quite awhile. We love her!
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Outside the Line said...

It is such a hard thing to watch those you love become just plain old. Falling... swelling... breathing can just be hard work.


Jody Blue said...

That son in law is one special guy! So sweet that Tessa and him make grma a part of their lives. You can be proud, you have done well good and faithful servent!!

Tessa Nelson said...

she has been a great grandma to us! What a fun and funny lady!