Friday, March 27, 2009

Nursery is open

We were discussing whether or not we should raise calves again this year.....this morning twin calves arrived from the farm where Tessa milks. Since she breeds the cows there too, she probably had a hand(and arm) in bringing them into existance. So I guess we're going to do calves again. The only thing I don't like is how tied down we are because they have to eat twice a day. The income may come in handy as I see our government tanking our economic system.


Tessa Nelson said...

isn't he cute!? He got a better deal on them cause they were twins and therefor a little small... I should look and see who their mommy is!:-) Oh, and you won't get any calves that I "made" cause I only breed and get hefer calves;-)

Jody Blue said...

Ask Tessa if it was thier mama that she played dr. doolittle on. She sure loves her cows. Your new baby is so sweet. Does he have a name?