Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Pelican on the pier.
It was almost 80 today so we put on our swimming attire and sat on
the beach. It was heavenly! Saw a huge jellyfish and other strange

We went for a trolley ride the length of the island and
back. Cheap entertainment!

This morning we drove across the bridge to get fresh seafood.
Mary told us where to go, but my memory and being directionally
challenged brought us to this place. Later we found the right place.
The shrimp and scallops we had for dinner were delicious.


Tessa Nelson said...

When I went down w/ Becky and the fam we ate at a place that looked just like that!? Unless they all look the same? I am jealous, soak up some extra sun for me? I want to blog, too... just too tired to care. I can blog whenever I want, my fun grandma will only be around so long... and what fun we have w/ her!!!

Jody Blue said...

Sea food! You are living the high life aren't you!