Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beth Moore

Tessa and I went with a group of women from Winona to Mpls. to a Beth Moore conference this weekend. The theme was "Between a Rock and a Hard Place". I've done a lot of her Bible studies and love to listen to her. She is a wild woman of God! Stayed at the Hilton and got our exercise walking to the Target Center. It was a whirlwind trip but good. Lots of stuff to digest when my brain settles down.Free Web Counter

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Wayne Images said...

Our church is planning a Beth Moore video program. Would you say it would be worth it? I would go for sure if she were there live but since it is video, I'm wavering.

Tessa Nelson said...

YES, it'd be worth it. It wouldn't be as fun.. but she is always worth it!! Her bible studies and the DVD's that go w/ it are AWESOME!