Monday, July 14, 2008


Today Jed was put to sleep. I keep crying and miss him laying in the living room--which is about all he was doing these days. He was still mentally sharp, had good eyesight and hearing, and still perked up at the sound of the bread drawer opening(his favorite treat), but his body was giving out so it was hard for him to walk and lately his back legs would sometimes give out. It makes me extra sad that I was the one to make the decision and now I'm second guessing myself.
Jed was a great dog and family member! He had a history before he came to live with us. Originally he lived in Lewiston and then a guy about 2 miles from here had him. That man would tie Jed up in his barn and would beat him and Jed would get away and go to another neighbor who loved animals. Finally they told the guy they wouldn't give him back and would report him if he tried to take him. They asked us if we'd like to have an Irish Setter. I had always wanted one so I said yes. Then they brought us Jed who was a Retriever, but we loved him anyway. Trevor and Jed became inseparable and best buddies. He took part in all the family shenanigans. He was gentle--cats always loved cuddling with him and he was tolerant--kids rolling on him and dressing him in clothes. He had a flair for running away once in awhile -I think to get extra attention. Soon everyone in the area knew who he was and called us and always said what a nice dog he was. He would spend a few days with whoever found him and I think got his extra attention. This has been theraputic, but I still miss him. What a Cubby he was! His nickname.

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Outside the Line said...

I am sorry.

And I have always been sorry you had to be the one to put Shana to sleep.


Tessa Nelson said...

I was there when we put Shana down too:-( I always get to be there, what's w/ that!? Cubby will be missed... he really WAS a wonderful family dog! I forgot that we'd (or Trevor) would dress him.. lol... I can't see the picture you posted w/ this and am sad about that, because I knew you'd put a good one up!

Wayne Images said...

I'm really sorry to see this, he sounds like quite the dog.

God bless you and your family.