Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things that make one happy

Today I had a haircut--that always make me happy. Trina's got it funky styled and it won't look like this again for 6 weeks. Then I went to the fabric/quilt shop--A Stitch in Time. I hadn't been there for quite awhile. It was a veritable feast for the eyes and fingers! So many beautiful fabrics and I only had a short time to look for a fabric to bind Tessa's quilt with. Didn't find that but I'll be returning shortly because I have a picture of an old quilt in an antique store that I plan to make next and the cloth will come from there--OH I can't wait!
Then I stopped in to visit Tessa for a while and that makes me happy. She's a delight and I love chatting with her!
Then I had Bible study with the Wednesday ladies who I love. It makes me happy to have a heart bond with my sisters in Christ and I learn so much from them!
And I have now baked bread and made chocolate cookies--yep--that makes me happy too!

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