Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I keep trying to put pictures up but it's not working. Thot I'd try words only and se if tht works.

Back to the weekend....
Friday was spent lounging and eating. It was fun to cook for a big group. We went to Minnieska for fireworks and viewed them from Jami's yard. For a small town they had excellent fireworks!
On Saturday morning Tyler took us out on his new boat. It was a great way to start the day! Perfect temp. and smells and beautiful day . Matt waterskied and did well. Then we went on a canoe trip on the Root River. At night we had a campfire. Most fresh air I've had in one day for a long time. Sunday we went to church and then lunch at Red Lobster. Everyone left and I had a nap!

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Tessa Nelson said...

Every time you go into the place where you write to post a new blog, you need to start by erasing or "backspace" that stupid counter. I keep looking for more pictures of this weekend.. and am sad not to see any:-( Keep trying!