Friday, July 25, 2008

Come and Dine

I haven't had a table and chairs for way over a year. Actually it didn't bother me much and left room in the kitchen, but it just isn't proper ;) Shopko had a 50% off sale today so I snagged a set. I was waiting for son, Tyler, to make me a table but I don't think he was too interested so he's off the hook. Now I'll have to get into the habit of actually using it. I made supper for Tanner tonight and asked if he'd like to eat it at the new table. He said that would be wierd since he was the only one eating.
I'm almost done binding Tessa's quilt--ran out of thread with 2 feet left. Picture tomorrow when I finish.
Think I'll garage sale in the morning.
Last night I watched a good movie from Netflix--"Rails and Ties". It was a 2 snot ragger.

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