Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trevor's 20

Trevor turned 20 on Wednesday and we celebrated today at Gram's. When I took pictures of the kids on their birthdays when they were younger, I could always count the candles to see how old they were in the picture. Now it's easier for them to show me how old they are since they usually don't get large amounts of candles. Trevor is our third child. Whenever I looked at Tessa and Tyler, I could only see John but I remember sitting on the porch when Trevor was a few days old and looking at his face and I could see me! He's a lot like me too. Growing up he was always full of fun and could tease like no one else. He kept things stirred up so we didn't have too many dull moments. When he was 21 months old we had Tanner and I think he got gipped out of being a baby as long as the others. We moms are so good at the guilt thing. I look at these 4 young adults and just have to SMILE;) I love them!!!!

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