Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Procrastination Done?

I am a procrastinator. I get excited about a project, start it, and then...I don't know what happens. But I have unfinished stuff all over. John reminded me last night of the rocker I bought for $15 that is sitting on the porch with the sander sitting on the seat. I started it, but must have gotten waylaid.
So I'm proud of myself for finishing the last two wall hangings. I was SOOO tempted to move on to the new quilt I'm excited to start but I forced myself to finish these first.
Today I get to start the quilt!!! I'd work on the rocker but the guy who farms the land next to us has spread manure this morning and it smells like something 3 years old---NOT GOOD! I won't be spending time out there. I still think he has something against us. He smelled that manure and said, "MMMM this really stinks...the Fahrendholzs get this load".

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